1. Are your pet care providers high school students?

No, they are not. While I recognize that many high school students are very mature and capable. I prefer to hire individuals who are older with a bit more life experience. High school graduates who are 18 are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

2. Do you hire seasonal help?

No, I want our clients (humans and furry) to have consistent pet care providers. Therefore, I tend to hire individuals who want to provide pet care on a full-time basis for at least a year.

3. I am uncomfortable with a stranger coming into my home. Do you do background checks?

Yes, I do. Additionally, the company is bonded and insured. All of my pet care providers submit to a nation-wide criminal background check and provide references. Once the references are checked and the background check is completed, I then observe them caring for pets. Once it is determined that the potential dog walker and pet sitter is good with animals and can work with them, I ask them to join our team.

4. My dog is not good with other dogs. Can someone spend the night in my home?

Yes, we provide overnight companionship in your home. A pet sitter will walk and feed your dog between 5-7pm. He or she will return at 9pm for a sleepover with your dog until 7am. Bedtime potty breaks and a morning walk and feeding are included. We can provide this service for cats too!

5. Why do I have to provide two keys?

One is given to the assigned pet care provider. The other is kept safe and secure in case of an emergency. A dog walker once got into a car accident prior to finishing her assigned walks. The backup sitter was able to pick up the second keys and ensure all dogs were walked.

6. Do you only care for cats and dogs?

No. We care for birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, fish and small reptiles. We have cared for sugar gliders, bearded dragons, geckos and lizards. We also care for plants and vegetable gardens.

7. My dog is social and needs to be around people. What do you recommend?

If your dog gets along well with other dogs, then I suggest our In-Home boarding service. Your dog gets to be around humans, other dogs and Snuggles. :-). I (the company owner) am the only one who boards. This way, I know who will be around your dog. Additionally, safeguards have been added to my home to keep your pet safe. To see some our happy guests visit Dogs Welcome

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