Saturday, April 08, 2006

Shortly after Around Midnight Pet Services officially opened for business (in May 2004), the owner, Crystal, was invited to speak to children in the Arlington County foster care system. Crystal worked as a child advocate for many years and welcomed the opportunity. She was one of three on a panel of professionals who were invited to speak about their profession. Many of the youth were fascinated by the idea that they could earn money pet sitting and dog walking. The highlight of the evening for Crystal was when she was briefly reunited with two children with whom she had previously worked. They were doing well.
Last month, Crystal was invited to speak to a group of women at the Bailey's Crossroads Shelter in Falls Church. The goal was for the women to meet and converse with a "real life" entrepreneur. Crystal spoke about why and how she started the business and the pluses and minuses of being your own boss.
This first post is to explain who and what we are. Around Midnight Pet Services is a pet care services company located in Ashburn, Virginia. Primarily, we serve Ashburn, Brambelton, South Riding, Lansdowne, and Leesburg. We offer limited service to Reston and other areas. If you live an area that is not listed. We would be happy to discuss your needs and our availabilty. If we cannot help, we are happy to refer you to someone who can. The purpose of this blog is to keep our clients updated (at their convenience and desire) on the activities of the company and to share pet related information. We hope that our clients will share this blog with their friends and family. We invite all of our readers to ask pet related questions, to share pet related information and to comment on pet topics. We hope that you enjoy the blog and we look forward to reading your posts.

Why is the official blog of Around Midnight Pet Services entitled Snuggles' Corner and who is Snuggles?

As the clients of Around Midnight Pet Services know, Midnight was the dog of the company's owner. What many don't know is that Snuggles is the cat who loved to be "Around Midnight." It was time that something was named after Snuggles. (smile)